• Zeynep Yenisey

Need Some Extra Wellness in Your Life? Reed's Now Has Ginger Shots to Help with That

Anyone who likes ginger beer knows that Reed's is the best on the market. Spicy, strong, and oh-so-gingery.

But a big bottle of ginger beer isn't exactly portable, which is why you'll be pleased to hear that Reed's just debuted a brand new ginger product in shot form a-la 5 Hour Energy, so you can can get the all the benefits of fresh, organic ginger any-time, anywhere.

Reed’s Wellness Ginger Shots come in two varieties:

Daily Ginger -- a caffeine free and shelf stable ginger shot packed with 3,000mg of organic pressed ginger that naturally energizes through ginger’s circulatory boosting properties.

Ginger Energize -- a caffeinated belnd of 3,000 mg of fresh ginger and 100 mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans and guarana for a clean energy boost.

These little fellas are even TSA approved, so pop one in your purse or backpack. Nausea on the flight? Need a little pick-me-up when you land? No problem. The answer to all your problems is in this bottle.

Reed’s Wellness Ginger Shots are currently available online and at Sprouts retailers, and soon at more grocery and convenience stores throughout the United States.

Photos: Reed's


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