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These Are the Best Bars in Charleston, South Carolina

In the unusual 90-something degree heat of early October, I took a quick trip to Charleston, South Carolina to check out the sights, shopping, eats, and obviously drinks of this historic Southern city.

First off, the drinks I had in Charleston were incredibly strong and literally put New York’s acclaimed cocktail game to absolute SHAME. Come on, NYC. So, if you’re someone who likes to drink to actually taste the booze, go to Charleston because they will deliver.

However, with the University of Charleston so close by, some of the bars and lounges are literally overrun by thirsty and sloppy college babies on the weekends so watch out for that. But on weekdays while they’re at the library or at frat parties or whatever, these Charleston bars mix up some of the tastiest AND STRONGEST cocktails I’ve ever had.

And so, next time you're in this stunning city make sure to hit up these bars and have a taste of their killer cocktails.

The Cocktail Club

The Cocktail Club is a speakeasy-style joint that serves up classics like a Manhattan that’ll make you forget you’re in Charleston, and the absolute best Moscow Mule you’ll ever have made with zingy homemade ginger beer.

You see, I’m more of a straight spirit type of person and don’t really bother with mixers. I genuinely love the taste of alcohol. But this Moscow Mule was SO worth it because of the spicy ginger beer -- plus I also asked for my drink to be extra strong, so the double vodka made it even more delicious.

They also have wittily named cocktail creations like the refreshing “Water My Lawn” that’s made with fresh watermelon, the “Banana Hammock,” and the “Macho Man Dandy Savage.”

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Let me start off with a little warning for this bar: If you’re looking for a place to sip cocktails in a quiet place, avoid Prohibition on Friday and Saturday nights. I tried going in for a post-dinner cocktail on a Friday night and was overwhelmed by the dancing college kids and the aggressive Ariana Grande that was blasting and thought to myself “No thanks” and walked right out.

On any other day of the week, though, Prohibition is a jazzy bar as the name implies with fun live music and a menu of legit unique drinks and elevated eats. The interior is also really cool and reminded me of a wine or whiskey barrel, which really adds to the whole cocktail experience.

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Vintage Lounge

While still brimming with young college folk, Vintage Lounge has a more upscale vibe than the neighboring bars and lounges.

It’s actually a wine bar rather than a cocktail bar with an impressive selection of vino with fancy-sounding names, but don’t knock the cocktails. They’re honestly pretty good for a wine bar and are served in really cute glasses that look like the ones my grandma had in her glass display case.

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The Bar at Husk

For more of a lunchtime lit thing, check out the bar at Husk. The drinks and everything are pretty self-explanatory, but the vibe is chill and the drinks were delicious.

And in terms of food, the menu changes all the time depending on what’s fresh and local, but while I was lunchin’ there I ate the best chicken wings that have ever touched my lips, so just know the food is seriously really good.

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