• Zeynep Yenisey

This Cancun Hotel Has an Epic Menu of 150 Different Margaritas

Some drink menus are better than others, and the JW Marriott Cancun’s insane selection of 150 different margaritas is obviously one of the best.

The boozy concoctions are served up in the lobby bar and range from the classic bare-bones margarita to interesting and eclectic fusions that technically don't even classify as margaritas anymore.

The menu is divided up into four categories: Classic, Fusion, Modern, and Exotic, with creative cocktails like the Fresh Melon Rita that's made with Don Ramon Reposado, honey dew melon juice, Grand Marnier, Lemon juice, and Simple syrup, and the Limoncello Margarita that's made with Tequila Muestra #8 Plata, Limoncello liqueur, Lemon juice, Grand Marnier, and Simple syrup.

However there’s also an unfortunate abomination called the Cilantrita on the menu that absolutely shouldn’t exist because cilantro is a heinous devil herb that belongs in the trash.


Anyway. The best part of the menu is that each of the 150 drinks is made with a different type of tequila and the cocktails come with a little dropper of the tequila so you can taste it on its own, which is pretty cool.

For a bit of extra visually pleasing aesthetics, the bar itself has a massive wall of tequilas that is a beautifully boozy sight to behold.

Below, check out the entire menu:

(Photos: Matthew Corona Goldstein/Marriott)


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