• Zeynep Yenisey

This Top Guadalajara Restaurant is Decked Out in 10,000 Animal Bones

(Photo: Matthew Corona Goldstein)

One of the most disappointing things in the world is going to a restaurant that’s supposedly mind-blowing, only to have the food, drinks, and overall experience be bland, drab, and just bad.

When I found myself in Guadalajara, Mexico, a few weeks ago, I headed over to Hueso; a bone-laden restaurant that I heard is a foodie’s and a design-lover’s dream, and one of the best restaurants in the nation.

With such high regards, I was skeptical, but to my delight, Hueso scored an A+ in all departments. The food was delectable, an open floor plan allows guests to see into the open and observe how meticulous the staff is, the service was speedy, and the cocktails were exquisite.

(Photo: Matthew Corona Goldstein)

Hueso means “bone” in Spanish and is the only fitting name for the restaurant’s decor: floor-to-ceiling animal bones and an all-white theme with the walls decked out in whole snake skeletons, a puma skull, a bear skull, and a whopping 10,000 animal bones.

You might be thinking to yourself that it must be really weird to eat dinner surrounded by the skulls of roadkill, with their empty eye sockets watching you eat a taco, which is fair.

But does it feel like the catacombs on Halloween in there? Absolutely not. It's actually really eclectic and earthy and not creepy at all, and feels almost hypnotic.

(Photo: Matthew Corona Goldstein)

All of the dishes are served in the middle of the table to complement the open floor plan, which I thought added nicely to the dining experience. I’m normally not a “little little in the middle” type of person and I like to have the entire dish of food in front of me, but I didn’t mind this.

The short ribs were AMAZING. It was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and I’m not exaggerating. The meat was so tender that it just fell off the bone, and it was seasoned perfectly.

The duck entree, however, was a little bland and tough, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

(Photo: Matthew Corona Goldstein)

Some of the dishes had some admittedly weird bits that felt really unnecessary -- for example, the beautiful salad that came with the appetizers was served with a salty goat cheese ice cream that added an unpalatable texture and ice-creaminess that doesn't belong on a bed of greens. A normal spoonful of goat cheese on the side or on top would have been a lot nicer.

Aside from the food and decor, something that I LOVED was the music. All 80s bops of Madonna, Jamiroquai, Wham!, etc. was totally unexpected and totally welcome.

One thing to note, though, is that this is a fine dining experience, and the price definitely reflects that.

Overall, Hueso was one of the top 3 restaurants I’ve eaten at anywhere in the world, and is definitely the gem of Guadalajara's dining scene.

(Photo: Matthew Corona Goldstein)

Pros: Delicious food. Trendy environment. Amazing playlist.

Cons: Will leave a hole in your wallet. Some of the dishes are trying way too hard to be cool.


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